Monday, January 12, 2009

Things that make me happy that shouldn't

Today I realized there are some things that make me happy that shouldn't. For instance, today I was walking through my office and I passed the facilities guy. He was straining to reach the top of the coffee maker, to pour coffee beans into the grinder reservoir because he was about 5'5. I walked by this scene at about 6'1 due to the heels and I couldn't help it I chuckled at him, it wasn't too loud or anything he probably didn't hear... but then it made me realize there are things in this world that make me happy that shouldn't. Here's the list I've come up on the spur of the moment.
  • being taller than guys who obviously have a Napoleon complex- these are the guys that spend massive time in the gym because they think people won't notice they are short because they are cut.
  • when people run into stuff. I feel justified in this though because I run into stuff all the time and not only do I laugh... I expect them to as well.
  • Showing other people gross pictures. Today I found this DISGUSTING picture of a WORM and an EYE and it totally made me wanna shove a fork in my brain to get it out of my thoughts, but then I showed it to others and it didn't bug me anymore
  • ABC Family and Disney channel original movies- 'nuff said
  • getting my roommate so fired up that she might explode
  • discussing people on Sunday nights with my friends- you know who you are!
Well that's my short list... I'm sure I'll be adding to this laugh as more things make me happy that shouldn't.

Monday, January 5, 2009

These boots were make for walkin...

Today was a day... you know those typical Mondays where things aren't going right, well that was my day today.

The classic this is my life step of course was when I got off the bus from work tonight. I had a ride lined up, but alas he was late and he didn't have a cell. So I decided to start walking home... on the way I got a blister, leaves in my shoes, creeped out my multiple strangers, almost hit by a car and slightly harassed from a group of Latino men playing soccer.

Fun times eh?