Friday, December 31, 2010

day 27: a talent of yours

So I don't have a lot of tangible talents... but here's the list I once compiled:

  • I am really good at packing. Not like light packing, but making lots of stuff fit into a small space. Like all my month's worth of groceries on the convener belt at the store, all of Erica and my stuff into her Sunfire for a trip to Florida and back... things in general into my Yaris.
  • I am good at Dinosaur impressions, most notably a T rex and those ones that spit stuff in your eyes to blind you
  • I am good at embarrassing myself in public.  I do believe this is a talent. I have little shame
  • I am good at crying and not ruining my makeup
  • I am good at finding my cell phone after I've lost it
  • I am good at making people laugh
  • I am good at falling gracefully
  • I am good at being adorable even when I have food on my face, spill my drink on myself etc
  • I am good at setting my friends up with men and on dates 
  • and one of my best legitimate talents is that I'm a good judge of people

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

day 26: favorite books

My favorite book of all time is: 

I just completely love it. Past that I don't have favorites.. I love all books... I will read anything. Currently I'm reading:

And a book that I can't find a picture online to read that's called " A 100 women who have made a difference that no one knows about". It's really interesting and I'm sad I can't find a picture of it online. 
UP next on deck is:

And now this since Amazon recommended it! The Remarkable Soul of a Woman

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

day 25: a letter to someone you judged by their first impression

*Author's note: I don't like this one.

Dear World,

I can be a not nice person. Like a lot. But typically my first impression is pretty dead on. That's all I'm saying...


Thursday, December 23, 2010

day 24 time to face morph

This is what my face morphed into haha

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

day 23 share one of your current favorite tunes

This song is love.

Just need to put my opinion out there

I don't care what your beliefs are on the LGBT community, I think that the It Gets Better Project is a great idea for the youth today. I stumbled across this article and it surprised me. I agree with the general statement, it's an over exaggeration of the situation, I'm sure if you look at the stats-every archetype of person in high school probably has the same rate of suicide- but that doesn't mean the message isn't important. I think it needs to be spread farther then just the LGBT community. I think everyone at that age needs to know that it gets better. That High School in general is rough for a lot of people, and even for the people who you might not think are having a hard time. It's an awkward time and teenagers are not nice people.

So to ALL teens- It does get better, life evens out and there is so much fun and joy coming your way if you just wait it out.


an ex-high school chubby/ math nerd/ choir girl/ drama club/ debate club/ jock/ tom boy/ class clown/ honor student female.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

day 22: a photo that makes you happy

Well this is just too easy... I saw this just today...
This may or may not be a screenshot since this is a DisneyPhotoPass pic... 

and here it is in Black and White... I think it's stunning.

And here it is with a Christmas border

We took photo pass pics by the tree too..

And with a Feliz Navidad border... because why not!

Sorry for being that girl here... I just like it and it's a picture that makes me happy

In other random news... I have become an HTML code queen... next thing you know I'll be designing my own blogs and not using templates... hahahaha it's more I'm just really proud of myself and what I'm doing on my work website in terms of HTML coding.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

day 21: your favorite television program

Here's the shows I watch:

Friday, December 10, 2010

day 20: a letter to someone that changed your life

Dear Mr. Walsh,

Thanks for believing in me. If it were not for your excellent teaching skills I would never have made it as far as I have. Thanks for taking the time to work with me on essays, papers and tests. Thank you for knowing I'm smart enough to know and understand the learning part, but that other teachers had failed me in teaching me how to properly express the ideas and thoughts in a coherent, organized manner while using proper grammar and punctuation. Thank you for taking the time to teach me this, and never just writing me off. Thank you for being a real teacher that teaches because they are truly passionate about educating people and aren't jaded by the job, or the people who teach because they don't know what to do with their life or because they think that a teaching profession is good when they mommy track themselves ( most of Utah I'm looking your way).

And while I'm at it, thank you for helping me break out of my shell, at least while I was in your class. I loved your sarcastic teaching style always made me laugh and when you called me out and I answered the question correctly it instill a sense of pride in myself that it bolstered my confidence. You treated us like adults and we responded adult-like. You truly are the best teacher I have ever had.

Thank you for your hard work, it will always be appriciated.


P.S. Tell Mr. Nicolsi that he's 2nd best and was almost as important to me and my education too :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

day 19: whatever tickles your fancy


Love has been on my mind lately. Not because I am in love so I think everyone should be too, (although sometimes I wish I could force everyone to be in love... but that's more like one of those spread the good news things then thinking I'm superior) but just the general subject of love.

A few days ago I was driving and I was pondering on a quest I embarked on during my college years. It was to find a movie that did not have love in it. It was during a particularly long dry spell when I didn't even have a crush on anyone (shocking right?) and I didn't want to deal with romance, love or anything of the sort. I couldn't find one. I thought that since my life was so love free and movies (mostly) try to be realistic that, surely, there would be one movie that didn't have a romantic plot-line, twist or happy couple in it. Couldn't do it- it seems all movies have some sort of subplot that featured love.

So I was thinking back on this quest. Why was it so hard? There is, of course, the obvious one- romantic comedies are for the ladies who wistfully want that and are emotionally touched by movies and the romance in the other movies are for the ladies to enjoy while the men enjoy the bombs. I don't buy this.

My theory: Love is a real human emotion that everyone yearns for. I don't care how deep down some people hide it everyone wants love. Maybe not to the point where they want to go out and see a romantic comedy, but at least where they appreciate the emotional response that they experience.  I think that is why people do fall in love and why people are drawn to things like romantic comedies, poems, pictures, stories, dating websites, Valentine's Day etc. because the pure emotion that is love seems like a good thing, no matter what. Love is something that as humans we yearn for. I  mean even the guys you think will never settle down, do.

That is something, no wonder it has been described and the world's most powerful emotion.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

day 18: set or share a goal

I'm always setting goals (not always reaching them) here are a few I'm currently working on:
  • read more- all types of books, i just bought like 6 CS/Management books
  • size 8. I'm secure enough with myself to tell you all I'm mostly a size 10 sometimes a 12 and I want to get down to a always an 8 size. I'll never been super skinny and honestly I'll look like a freak if I do because of my GIANT HIPS AND BUTT, but I think 8 would be a good size for me :)
  • in conjunction with the losing weight one I'm running and I want to do a 5k without stopping (hehe) then a 10k without stopping then a half marathon... without stopping
That's it for now :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

day 17: a photo that makes you sad

Hurt animals make me so sad. They are, mostly, so innocent and loving and it's rare they've inflicted the injury upon themselves. That's why hurt animals make me infinitely more sad than hurt humans.

Yummy McYumerson

I have been really bad at sticking to my health mandated diet for the last little bit. I just really miss meat sometimes. Anyway, due to not sticking to it and using my supplements too much I've just been feeling sick and not happy- well, happy about eating meat, but not happy because it made me all bloated and blah feeling.

So this week is my cleanse. All week the only things I will eat will be food that I know I can and no supplement usage this week!

So to make this happen I walked to the store today at lunch and got a bunch of things to put in a whole wheat pita. (Blah I just looked at the ingredients of my dressing and it has fish gelatin in it- less than 2% though...) and came up with this:

So yum!

Whole wheat pita
grape tomatoes
Avocado slices
Spinach Blend lettuce
Clover Sprouts
Mozerella (that wasn't made with enzymes!)
and this "Veggie Mix" that contains radishes, jicama, celery, peppers and carrots (and maybe some more) for crunch! 
and the cursed Honey Dijon (Light) dressing that *might* make me a little sick.
Total Calories: 392

So basically so much yumminess with not many calories and it's a healthy balance of healthy fats, whole wheat and veggies.

Yay for lunch for the week!

Friday, December 3, 2010

day 16: provide pictures of 5 celebrity crushes

My first ever Celebrity crush was Harrison Ford. What a babe!
The amazing thing is that he still looks amazing even now....
Then in my tween years  it was all about JTT
 In college this was hanging up in my hallway... I didn't think it was right to be greedy with all this perfection
Look at that. WOW. And for current celeb crushes... well it appears I have a type!

Dark, facial hair, generally hot...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

day 15: a letter to someone you wish you could meet

Dear world,

Is it weird that I don't have an overwhelming desire to meet anyone in particular? At one point in my life I felt pretty certain I was going to meet Mark Paul Gosselaar, but it didn't happen. I don't know I just enjoy meeting people. I like to get to know them...


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Love this

Just an old article to share with you all. Christina Hendricks, the redhead from Mad Men, wrote an open letter to guys in Esquire a bit a go and I agree with most of it. Check it out here!

day 14: a song from your childhood

This song is the first one I remember dancing and singing around to.
Paula Abdul- Opposites Attract
Baby seems we never ever agree
You like the movies
And I like T.V.
I take things serious
And you take 'em light
I go to bed early
And I party all night
Our friends are sayin'
We ain't gonna last
Cuz I move slowly
And baby I'm fast
I like it quiet
And I love to shout
But when we get together
It just all work out

I take-2 steps forward
I take-2 steps back
We come together
Cuz opposites attract
And you know-it ain't fiction
Just a natural fact
We come together
Cuz opposites attract

Who'd a thought we could be lovers
She makes the bed
And he steals the covers
She likes it neat
And he makes a mess
I take it easy
Baby I get obsessed
She's got the money
And he's always broke
I don't like cigarettes
And I like to smoke
Things in common
Just ain't a one
But when we get together
We have nothin' but fun

I take-2 steps forward
I take-2 steps back
We come together
Cuz opposites attract
And you know-it ain't fiction
Just a natural fact
We come together
Cuz opposites attract

Baby ain't it somethin'
How we lasted this long
You and me
Provin' everyone wrong
Don't think we'll ever
Get our differences patched
Don't really matter
Cuz we're perfectly matched

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

day 13: whatever tickles your fancy

Today I am kicking everyone's butt. I  woke up this morning to an email that made me mad and made me frustrated that a lot of people seem to like to walk all over me and not worry about it. So today, I'm making things happen. Vendors are getting words, friends are getting words, deadbeats are getting words. And I'm standing up for myself.

I'm done with toxic friendships in my life. Why should I put myself out for other people and try to keep a friendship there when they don't feel the need to work on said friendship. So what if that means I will be down 2 "best friends"? How best could they possibly be if they don't know anything going on in my life or even care to attempt to talk to me occasionally. I'm "friend" detoxing... I have enough fabulous people in my life I don't need them too. PLUS that just means less Christmas and Birthday presents for me to buy. Not to mention a wedding I don't have to attend now. Not too exceptionally sad about that. From now on  the only people I'm keeping in my life are the ones that want to make an effort to be part of my life.

Oh, and the blog friends I have here that read this- don't fret you're not someone I'm detoxing out of my life. At least the ones that I know read this blog!

That feels good to get off my chest.

Monday, November 22, 2010

day 12: we want to see your teeth today / post a self-portrait

Okay so my camera adds weird black dots, but here ya go... how I look right this second through the lens of an iPhone. I know it says see your teeth, but I'm pretty sure they have food in them.Oh and you better believe that's a Ralph's bag full of Tim Tams behind me... I'm so ready to TIM TAM SLAM!

If you really want to see them/ see how amazing I looked (and tell me that too haha) at Michele Monteforte (now Bruggerman)'s wedding this weekend I have added another picture for your enjoyment.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

day 11: share your favorite recipe

It's so easy to make, cheap to buy and super yummy... this got me through college.

Pasta Salad:
1 package multi-color rotini
1 can sliced olives
1 can sweet corn 
grape tomatos
Zesty Italian dressing

Make the pasta, combine ingredients, add enough dressing so it's to your liking. Enjoy. SO yum and SO easy. This makes a serious amount of pasta salad, but it's so good you will eat it for days.

So this isn't mine and they use cheese instead of corn (have done that as a mix in before) but this is what it looks like. SO YUM

FYI- I use to make an amazing lemon chicken that I use to mix in; pre veg. days so here's how I did that.
1 Chicken breast
lemon pepper seasoning

put about a tablespoon of butter in a skillet and let it warm. Cut Chicken breast into bit size pieces while still cold. Place in skillet. Add tons of lemon pepper seasoning-pan fry till the chicken is done and golden. SO good. If you don't want to use the butter I've done variations of this with cooking spray as well- still good.

Monday, November 15, 2010

I don't like the pain of the last one- so upbeat now!

I'm a cynical romantic. It's another one of my odd contradictions. I love romantic movies and fairy tale endings, but I don't believe they're real- even though I want them to be. For instance, I know I mentioned earlier that someone I know got married INSANELY quickly. Now from a bit of Facebook evaluation it seems that it might have ended. Here's the thing- deep down I really wanted it to work. I wanted to believe this this romantic, swept away in love gesture could be real. I wanted to see a real-life fairy tale.

Then this morning I checked PostSecret and I saw this postcard.

Oh my gosh, I wanted to email in and be like "I DEMAND AN UPDATE!" For some reason, I needed to know how this was going to work out. My thought process after reading this was, "Oh I hope she says yes!" then it was "he's probably some jerk that treated her bad and so she left and she's finally free and happy". And I was torn. I wondered if she's closed her heart to him, if she is missing him and I felt so very invested in what was going to happen.I didn't know what to hope would happen.

I guess I'm the type of person who wants someone to grab her and dance with her in the rain, but doesn't think it's going to happen. I guess I'm the happy medium. I don't live in a diluted state of mind thinking that Prince Charming will just show up and whisk my off my feet, but I'm also not cynical enough to say fairy tales aren't real and have that self-fulfilling prophecy hanging over my head.
I am lucky though...I have someone who just enjoys talking to me and when I laugh "but my real one" and who when I say things like "this room just makes me want to dance" he grabs me and twirls me around for a bit. But he also is logical, rational and smart... so maybe fairy tales do exist and romantic movies can be true, they're just not as dramatic as they appear.

day 10: a letter to the person you hate most or caused you a lot of pain

None of my friends did this one, but I am going to. It's incredibly refreshing to send it out there and not look back.

Sorry it's vague, but I want to leave it at this:

Dear Person,
I wrote you a letter about this, but I never sent it to you. It's the longest entry I've ever put in my journal. And even though you ruined me initially, you made me grow and learn and become the person I am today. A stronger wiser person than I would have ever been if you had not be in my life- changing it forever. So, now, I can say I forgive you and while I don't thank you for what you did, I am grateful for who I am today.

In conclusion, in the infamous words of Britney Spears, Cause now im Stronger than yesterday...


Friday, November 12, 2010

day 9: list some of your favorite tumblrs

So I should be working through the huge pile of work I have, especially since I have about T-4 hours till IT is suppose to take my computer apart and move it to another cube. I still need to do an expense report, have a meeting, write up some process documents and pack up my cube. BLAH! But, I just spent the last 2 days fixing a spreadsheet to find out that I fixed the WRONG VERSION! Kill me. Anyway, I just spent the last 2.5 hours fixing the right version (it goes a lot quicker when you have a handy reference spreadsheet with the right formulas!) So I decided I get a little break :)

So Favorite Tublrs: Yeah I don't have any, but I do have 2 co-workers I like lots with them so they are here:

Pixie Friend
Old Boss Man

Other than that I have nothing... sorry this is so lame. haha

Thursday, November 11, 2010

day 8: a photo of you taken recently

So this was taken about 2 weeks ago... It's from the Halloween party I went to. I was once again being silly and my costume came from my closet basically. The shirt (which I LOVE and WILL wear again) is the only thing I'm wearing I didn't already own.

I was trying to take a picture of me here at work but I remembered that my hair looks bad, I'm not wearing make up, the lighting is bad and my cube is gray and depressing behind me. I even tried messing around in CS5 but yeah it wasn't working out... you'll have to deal with 2 weeks old... stolen from facebook :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

day 7: a youtube video you find funny

I'm so slow at this... another friend of mine is on Day 21.

Okay a YouTube Video I find funny...

I feel like the whole world has it, but it makes me laugh- the other two aren't actually YouTube videos, but ya these two skits from SNL are always HILARIOUS TO ME!

Knives, Knives...don't have a cow

Oh man I can't stop laughing! "and now we return to an intentional lost episode of the Lawrence Welk show"

Friday, November 5, 2010

day 6: list of what you ate today

Seeing as I have not eaten anything yet today here's yesterday's food: (warning it's boring)

  • banana
  • peanut butter and honey sandwich on potato bread
  • a mini baby ruth bar
  • a few pieces of some snack mix thingy in a car
  • praline and pumpkin pancakes
  • a bite of cheesecake pancakes
  • scrambled eggs
  • hash browns
Can anyone guess where I had dinner last night haha... hmmm so many pancake varieties there... 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oh I get it!

So from what I've heard the rally to restore sanity and/or fear was insanely well attended with a lot of amazing "protest signs" here's a few I liked: 
I always thought that "he's just like Hitler" was thrown around too liberally (pun!) I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels that way.

What? The two parties can exist peacfully? I know!

My favorite: the Dinosaur saying "Fact".

It's true.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

day 5: a letter to your crush

Dear Chad Crush,

Hi, I just wanted to say that I think you're really cute! Whenever I see you my heart skips a beat. I like that you always make me laugh, even when I'm grumpy and don't want to laugh. Talking to you, even if its about nothing, is the highlight of my day. I love that you don't like mushrooms and will order vegetarian food just so we can share. All romantic songs make me think of you.

You always make me smile.
Michelle Your Secret Admirer

And in an odd twist of fate- my friend shared this site with me today... so cute!

Monday, November 1, 2010

day 4: a photo of you taken over ten years ago

So I found two (thank you Hayley and your photo memories album) and I'm pretty certain they're both 10+ years ago. Judging from clothes, hair and others in the pictures this first one I think was when I was when I was 16.
Can't find me? Here's a close up! Yeah pretty sweet everything there huh? I am just in awe over my shades, shirt (seriously 2 shades of army green with hawaiian flowers running up the sleeve? SO hot) and the HAIR. OH the hair... for some reason I thought I needed curlier hair so I got my butt to the salon and got a perm... blah.

This next gem is cira 1999- I think. Honestly I have no idea I just know I was in high school and that the kid in the blue shirt and hat is 2 yrs older than me so I must have been a freshman or sophomore...

Once again I'll provide you with a zoom in (funny thing is I did the "zoom" in Paint because even though I have PhotoShop on my computer (Suite 5!) I have no idea how to use it...
Judging from the hair color and style I believe this picture predates the other. I think I look younger too... So my guesses are as follows: Picture with the pumpkin is my freshman year of high school ( Fall 1998) and the top one is probably Spring 2000. Hayley can probably correct me though :)

Good thing I'm one of those people that are getting better with time huh? WOW

Friday, October 29, 2010

day 3: your favorite movie

My Favorite Movie:This is really hard because I have so many movies I LOVE, but since I know I have to pick just one I'm going to go with a movie that is completely cliche, but I love me some Pride and Prejudice. I use to be a purest and say that the only version worth watching was the epic long classic 6 hour version. I mean how can you say no to seeing this:
yeah that's the stuff that great movies are made of. But since I don't have 6 hours all the time to sit and watch it, I decided to give the new version a chance. And now it feels like home. Seriously, everything melts away when I start to hear this (ignore that this guy has a baby grand in his bedroom and just listen to the music):

Even now... I feel the stress just melting away. That's why it's my favorite movie... oh and it doesn't hurt that Matthew Macfadyen makes a pretty amazing Darcy... just look at that... oh and since "I'm a Jane, not an Elizabeth" Simon Woods is pretty cute in my opinion too!

Friday, October 22, 2010

day 2: make a bulleted list of everything that happened in your day

Please don't think you need to react to any of these (that statement will make sense in a minute)... this is yesterday btw

  • woke up
  • hit snooze
  • hit snooze
  • shower
  • Dad came in and told me my grandpa died
  • met Danica to carpool
  • went to work
  • worked
  • meeting
  • meeting
  • team lunch
  • meeting
  • call with legal
  • work
  • paid LAST payment on my credit card 
  • temple
  • dinner with friends
  • bed
What a day!

    Wednesday, October 20, 2010

    day 1: introduce yourself

    Hi, my name is Michelle. I'm really bad at tooting my own horn. I feel like my life can be best broken down into stereotypes that defined the sections of my life (from youth to now): drama-queen, popular, outcast, mean girl, tomboy, smarty-pants, prep, party girl, flirt, loner, new girl, optimist and now I'm just working on being Michelle- a combination of all the above.

    I've spent about half my life on the East Coast and half my life on the West. The result? I'm too uptight for California and I'm too laid back for New York :)

    I like colors, people, dancing, proving people wrong, rolling my eyes and laughing.
    I dis-like ignorant people, water in my face, being told I can't have/do something and being a vegetarian that hates mushrooms.

    My favorite quote comes from a President that I still haven't decided how I feel about; Ronald Reagan. "I know in my heart that man is good. That what is right will always eventually triumph. And there's purpose and worth to each and every life."

    Monday, October 18, 2010

    Stolen fun

    So I found my cousin's blog and she's doing this and  I thought it looked like fun so I'm going to do it too! Starting tomorrow :)

    Here's what you write about each day:

    day 1: introduce yourself
    day 2: make a bulleted list of everything that happened in your day
    day 3: your favorite movie
    day 4: a photo of you taken over ten years ago
    day 5: a letter to your crush
    day 6: list of what you ate today
    day 7: a youtube video you find funny
    day 8: a photo of you taken recently
    day 9: list some of your favorite tumblrs
    day 10: a letter to the person you hate most or caused you a lot of pain
    day 11: share your favorite recipe
    day 12: we want to see your teeth today / post a self-portrait
    day 13: whatever tickles your fancy
    day 14: a song from your childhood
    day 15: a letter to someone you wish you could meet
    day 16: provide pictures of 5 celebrity crushes
    day 17: a photo that makes you sad
    day 18: set or share a goal
    day 19: whatever tickles your fancy
    day 20: a letter to someone that changed your life
    day 21: your favorite television program
    day 22: a photo that makes you happy
    day 23 share one of your current favorite tunes
    day 24 time to face morph /
    day 25: a letter to someone you judged by their first impression
    day 26: favorite books
    day 27: a talent of yours
    day 28: favorite places to shop
    day 29 provide the hex code of your favorite color /
    day 30: a letter to the friendliest person you knew for only one day
    day 31: whatever tickles your fancy
    day 32: a photo you took
    day 33: what you’re craving right now
    day 34: your favorite quote
    day 35: a letter to an ex
    day 36: some hobbies of yours
    day 37: a song that you like to dance to
    day 38: a photo of your parent(s)
    day 39: zodiac sign and do you think it fits your personality
    day 40: a letter to a deceased person you wish you could talk to
    day 41: whatever tickles your fancy
    day 42: bad habit(s) you have
    day 43: a picture of your favorite place in the world
    day 44: something that fascinates you and why
    day 45: a letter to yourself a year ago
    day 46: photos of personal things in your life (pets, family, house, ect)
    day 47: birthday wish list
    day 48: a photo of you right now
    day 49: hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days
    day 50: a letter to your reflection in the mirror

    Wednesday, October 13, 2010

    Disneyland Tickets

    Since so many people hit me up for Disneyland/world tickets and it's complicated to explain I have decided to write a blog about it so people know and I can just refer them to a handy URL instead.

    Here's the pricing info:

    ADULT = $69.00
    CHILD = $61.00

    DISNEYLAND RESORT 1-DAY PARK HOPPER- one day both parks
    ADULT = $76.00
    CHILD = $68.00

    ADULT = $78.60
    CHILD = $65.18

    ADULT = $265.51
    CHILD = $233.88

    Now for Michelle's detailed instructions as to how to get these tickets.

    I know I work for Disney but i do not work for Disneyland. Which means I can't deliver you tickets at the park. So here's your options:

    If you live near me:
    You give me the money, I get you the tickets, when I have time, and then give you the tickets. Usually I need about a week lead time because I need to get to the ticket location (not in my office) during their hours.

    If you live out of state:
    You can mail me money or PayPal me money. Then I will get the tickets and can mail them back to you. If basic mail is too slow you'll need to include the shipping price in money you send me too. This is a few week process so make sure you plan accordingly. 

    Sorry if this is bratty but I've lost money and had to work late due to last minute requests and such so these are my rules now.

    Oh and if anyone wants to fly me to Disney world and put me up in a hotel room... then you my friends (up to 3) get tickets for free. :)

    Friday, October 8, 2010

    I'm this bored at work

    1. Who is your hero? Why?
    I don't really have one... I know it's weird, but I never met someone I want to be like completely... more everyone I respect has aspects or traits I would like to emulate.
    2. When you were a little tike, what did you want to be when you grew up?
    In first grade I walked in to "career" day dressed as a lawyer... I dabbled with the idea of movie star too, but lawyer was there since the beginning and stayed until life and God took me down a different path.
    3. What is one goal you currently have?
    ONE? Just one? okay the goal I'm closest to achieving is my goal to pay off my credit card... I'm one paycheck away from it! YAY!
    4. What life achievement are you most proud of?
    I have no idea... I think it might have been moving to Washington D.C. without knowing a soul there and being truly independent.
    5. If you could do anything with your spare time, what would you do?
    Right now I'd sleep haha... but I think I would shop a lot and then work out a lot so I can do all my 5k, 10k, half marathon, whole marathon, and triatholon
    6. What is your best physical feature?
    I think it's my butt... then my skin. Yeah...
    7. What is the most important thing your parents ever taught you by example?
    Sacrifice and giving are more important than receiving.
    8. Why do you think the church is true?
    This is weird. I'm not good at expressing my testimony in written words. But to me it's logical. It makes sense.

    Okay now Kayla's questions:

    1) What is one food you hated as a child, but as an adult you now enjoy?
    Wheat bread

    2) Favorite memory growing up?
     Roller skating up and down the street in my popples skates
    3) Craziest thing you've ever done and/or seen happen?
    sky diving or streaking... 
    4) If you could choose any super power, what would it be?
    Fly. I hate LA traffic so much I wish I could fly and not have to deal with it. AND I could go visit my friends whenever I want!
    5) Favorite book, and why?
     A Tale of Two Cities... the range of emotions experienced is amazing and it's such a deep story. And it's based on historical events.
    6) Why did you choose the major/degree/career that you did?
    Major- because I love politics and governments
    Career- I loved interning at Disney World so I thought it would be fun to apply for corporate jobs.
    7) Who would win in a fight: a taco or a grilled cheese sandwich?
    Taco- it's Mexican and has serious street credit. Grilled cheese, although delicious,  
    8) Paper or plastic?
    I like paper...

    Now I tag: Brittany, Hayley, Brianna, Megan

    Thursday, October 7, 2010

    Gross and creepy- perfect for Fall

    So I'm not going to go into my diatribe about babies in general and the many reasons they make my skin crawl; because I have been mocked and scorned for my viewpoints, but here's something that is just too creepy to ignore. It's the picture right over there --> creepy!

    Okay not originally why I started this blog, but I googled babies in images and this was one of the top hits. TOP HITS, oh man oh man, it's so freaking creepy.

    Anyway, what brought me to this post and that horrible picture that will haunt me and most likely cause me to have dreams about giving birth (yuck) to tiny creepy quadruplets, was something else. I am blown away by people. I know this person and they are 30+ yrs old... and they married an 18 yr old. Already super creepy and borderline pedo... but whatever... I just found out they're pregnant... yeah. I don't know, I guess I could handle it better when she was just young and married. I don't know how she's not crying her eyes out being 18 yrs old (maybe 19 now...) and pregnant. I don't want to be 25 and pregnant (ummm I just said 25, but I'm pretty sure I'm 26, but honestly all I can think about are babies... not in a good way... so I have no idea how old I am) let alone 18! The only reason I want to ever be pregnant is so that I have a handy place to rest things like books, iPads and ice cream bowls.

    Between finding this out and finding out some guy I know went from completely single on Thursday night to MARRIED on Monday night I am blown away by people and how they can't be better planners. I can't decide to cut my hair for about 3 months, let alone decide who I want to spend the rest of eternity with! AH! So much craziness surrounds me.

    ... as a final note, I was re-reading this for mild editing (I don't really care too much about the grammar and whatnot because here I like to write exactly how I would speak) and I shuddered again at the creepy tiny babies... gross.

    Friday, October 1, 2010


    So I think most of you know that at work I jumped ship from a world I was born to be a part of, Pixie Hollow, to another project, that is a good fit, but not the "flitterific good time" that is me. It's called Disney Movies Online! It was a really smart decision, better hours, better team, less stress, better pay, better title etc. so I took the job. And it's been a blast. Well it's been through it's share of trails, but what site doesn't go through stuff like that when it is trying to launch? I'm use to stuff like this in the internet industry.

    There were job scares, times when I wondered if the new updates will go live, and lots and lots of stress and rushing to get it out the door within our time-line. But, it has finally gone live and everyone is breathing huge sighs of relief. The best thing is that our VP sent it to Bob Iger, the CEO of The Walt Disney Company- his reaction was positive!He's finally seeing the value in our site and is asking all the questions that we're trying to get answered so we can make our site the best experience possible. We are looking like we're going to be successful!

    I'm so glad I did something very un-like me. I took a chance, I took a risk and I'm excited to see what happens!

    Tuesday, September 28, 2010


    Like what I did there? Made the same overused joke everyone does when they talk about Apple products... I'm amazing like that... anyway I want to start out by saying I am a PC... when it comes to computers. I don't really like MACs, maybe I haven't given them a proper run, but I'm comfortable on my PCs so that's where I shall stay. But, I do have an iPhone, AND just last week my boss gave me an iPad. WOW! Lucky me. Anyway, I'm not bragging I'm just explaining my background. Now for why I'm too dependent on technology/ apps found on the iProducts.

    So California is in the middle of a heat wave... it would stink if I was outside, but I'm in my office ALL day and it's freezing in here. I don't know how to dress for outside and inside. Anyway, I wanted to see just how cold it was in my office so I turned to my iPhone to see if I could download a thermometer app to  get the exact temperature of my cube. Sounds like a great idea right? Maybe until you realize that it would have no idea how to tell that because it doesn't actually have any sort of themro mechanics built into it like that. Yeah... So I guess the iPhone can't do everything.

    Tuesday, September 21, 2010

    By the time I'm 27

    So I'm not very good at New Years Resolutions, but I seem to be good at Birthday (or after my birthday) resolutions so I thought I'd do that again this year... and now I'm posting it for the world to see to hold me accountable.

    • Finish paying off all my debt (minus student loans- that's still like 5 yrs out)
    • Size 8... it's only one size down I know I can do it!
    • Use my passport for somewhere other than Canada (it's embarrassing that it's the only country on that)
    • Run a 5k
    • Run a 10k
    • Be ready for the Disneyland Marathon (half?)
    • Take at least a semester of Spanish... by my birthday I could be almost done with a 2nd semester.
    • Love more.

    This may expand but it's pretty lofty right now!

    Friday, September 17, 2010

    I got friends who... (la la la) help me pull through....

    I believe everything happens for a reason. I also believe that people are brought into your life for a reason- to help you grow in one way or another. Whenever I reflect on my life what I remember most about times in my life are the people I met and bonded with... I've been blessed with a happy disposition and the ability to make friends pretty easy and because of that I have an awesome bouquet of friends who live ALL over the country (and world...) now and they all have taught me something.... It's like each period of my life (usually broken down into where I live) has that friend that has impacted my life so much...

    California (round 1)- Danica... we were the coolest set of best friends Atherwood has ever seen!
    New Jersey- Michele and Nina... my life in New Jersey didn't seem like it was in order and happy until these 2 girls were my besties! It's when I finally came to love New Jersey

    Utah freshman yr- Bethie... randomly became roomies... we both thought the other was weird, but then because the best of friends... most of the funniest things I did freshman year were with Bethie

    Utah summer of 07 "yellow and gray brick"- BriBri and Erica... all I have to say is kicking the can!

    Florida- Erica and I became the best of friends and I met people from all over the world. I loved it- I loved having friends in Norway, France, England etc. They made the time in Florida so memorable. Not to mention it was the first time I fell in love... it was a great experience and although most those people aren't in my life anymore I treasure it.
    Utah- rest of college- Megs. She's so great and I love her! She was ALWAYS there for me... the original 3 best friends :)

    Washington D.C.- I think what's most remarkable about this time is that I didn't have any friends really. I learned how to be friends with myself. I learned to be independent and comfortable. It was a period of growth and I made 2 new friends... myself and my Savior. Being friendless helped me draw closer to my religion and really start to build a relationship with my faith. Even though I was friendless (which is incredibly hard for an extrovert) i wouldn't trade this time for anything... and I'm glad I had the chance to experience this. 

    EFY 2005 -  yeah I need to break this out by year... this year... it's allll about Shallie... I'm so glad we stayed friends and that our lives mirrored each others for so long! It was so amazing to have someone who I knew understood how I felt and would not only make me feel better but sympathize with me as well.
    EFY 2006- Kay!! Oh my gosh I love this girl! She makes me laugh and was my only friend for most of my BYU-I experience this summer... we're still BFF and it's because EFY brought us together.

    EFY 2008- Kurtis (with a K). He was my rock... I was in such a bad place emotionally and he never let me wallow. I don't know if he did it on purpose, but whenever I lost my focus and started to think about my very fresh heartbreak he would pull me out of it with a joke or a story or a smile. He was the perfect co-counselor for me during this summer.

    EFY 2009- Brittany Michelle Francis... she's the reason I started working on this blog post. We became instant friends... I love her and she's amazing. She has such a strength and is such a role model to me. I'm so glad that 2 weeks together will lead to a lifelong friendship!

    California (round 2) I have so many friends in CA, people who I truely LOVE, but I have to say that my original 2 female friends made it so that I didn't run away to Utah, or anywhere else for that matter! Ali and Amanda were ALWAYS there for me and so much fun! The most unlikely of friendships, but still total love. Oh and I feel like I need to say I'm really happy I stayed here... because I have a new best friend....

     I love where life has taken me... and the people I've met.... I wouldn't ask for anything to change... I can't wait to find out where life will take me and what forever friend I'll meet next. 

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