Friday, October 29, 2010

day 3: your favorite movie

My Favorite Movie:This is really hard because I have so many movies I LOVE, but since I know I have to pick just one I'm going to go with a movie that is completely cliche, but I love me some Pride and Prejudice. I use to be a purest and say that the only version worth watching was the epic long classic 6 hour version. I mean how can you say no to seeing this:
yeah that's the stuff that great movies are made of. But since I don't have 6 hours all the time to sit and watch it, I decided to give the new version a chance. And now it feels like home. Seriously, everything melts away when I start to hear this (ignore that this guy has a baby grand in his bedroom and just listen to the music):

Even now... I feel the stress just melting away. That's why it's my favorite movie... oh and it doesn't hurt that Matthew Macfadyen makes a pretty amazing Darcy... just look at that... oh and since "I'm a Jane, not an Elizabeth" Simon Woods is pretty cute in my opinion too!

Friday, October 22, 2010

day 2: make a bulleted list of everything that happened in your day

Please don't think you need to react to any of these (that statement will make sense in a minute)... this is yesterday btw

  • woke up
  • hit snooze
  • hit snooze
  • shower
  • Dad came in and told me my grandpa died
  • met Danica to carpool
  • went to work
  • worked
  • meeting
  • meeting
  • team lunch
  • meeting
  • call with legal
  • work
  • paid LAST payment on my credit card 
  • temple
  • dinner with friends
  • bed
What a day!

    Wednesday, October 20, 2010

    day 1: introduce yourself

    Hi, my name is Michelle. I'm really bad at tooting my own horn. I feel like my life can be best broken down into stereotypes that defined the sections of my life (from youth to now): drama-queen, popular, outcast, mean girl, tomboy, smarty-pants, prep, party girl, flirt, loner, new girl, optimist and now I'm just working on being Michelle- a combination of all the above.

    I've spent about half my life on the East Coast and half my life on the West. The result? I'm too uptight for California and I'm too laid back for New York :)

    I like colors, people, dancing, proving people wrong, rolling my eyes and laughing.
    I dis-like ignorant people, water in my face, being told I can't have/do something and being a vegetarian that hates mushrooms.

    My favorite quote comes from a President that I still haven't decided how I feel about; Ronald Reagan. "I know in my heart that man is good. That what is right will always eventually triumph. And there's purpose and worth to each and every life."

    Monday, October 18, 2010

    Stolen fun

    So I found my cousin's blog and she's doing this and  I thought it looked like fun so I'm going to do it too! Starting tomorrow :)

    Here's what you write about each day:

    day 1: introduce yourself
    day 2: make a bulleted list of everything that happened in your day
    day 3: your favorite movie
    day 4: a photo of you taken over ten years ago
    day 5: a letter to your crush
    day 6: list of what you ate today
    day 7: a youtube video you find funny
    day 8: a photo of you taken recently
    day 9: list some of your favorite tumblrs
    day 10: a letter to the person you hate most or caused you a lot of pain
    day 11: share your favorite recipe
    day 12: we want to see your teeth today / post a self-portrait
    day 13: whatever tickles your fancy
    day 14: a song from your childhood
    day 15: a letter to someone you wish you could meet
    day 16: provide pictures of 5 celebrity crushes
    day 17: a photo that makes you sad
    day 18: set or share a goal
    day 19: whatever tickles your fancy
    day 20: a letter to someone that changed your life
    day 21: your favorite television program
    day 22: a photo that makes you happy
    day 23 share one of your current favorite tunes
    day 24 time to face morph /
    day 25: a letter to someone you judged by their first impression
    day 26: favorite books
    day 27: a talent of yours
    day 28: favorite places to shop
    day 29 provide the hex code of your favorite color /
    day 30: a letter to the friendliest person you knew for only one day
    day 31: whatever tickles your fancy
    day 32: a photo you took
    day 33: what you’re craving right now
    day 34: your favorite quote
    day 35: a letter to an ex
    day 36: some hobbies of yours
    day 37: a song that you like to dance to
    day 38: a photo of your parent(s)
    day 39: zodiac sign and do you think it fits your personality
    day 40: a letter to a deceased person you wish you could talk to
    day 41: whatever tickles your fancy
    day 42: bad habit(s) you have
    day 43: a picture of your favorite place in the world
    day 44: something that fascinates you and why
    day 45: a letter to yourself a year ago
    day 46: photos of personal things in your life (pets, family, house, ect)
    day 47: birthday wish list
    day 48: a photo of you right now
    day 49: hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days
    day 50: a letter to your reflection in the mirror

    Wednesday, October 13, 2010

    Disneyland Tickets

    Since so many people hit me up for Disneyland/world tickets and it's complicated to explain I have decided to write a blog about it so people know and I can just refer them to a handy URL instead.

    Here's the pricing info:

    ADULT = $69.00
    CHILD = $61.00

    DISNEYLAND RESORT 1-DAY PARK HOPPER- one day both parks
    ADULT = $76.00
    CHILD = $68.00

    ADULT = $78.60
    CHILD = $65.18

    ADULT = $265.51
    CHILD = $233.88

    Now for Michelle's detailed instructions as to how to get these tickets.

    I know I work for Disney but i do not work for Disneyland. Which means I can't deliver you tickets at the park. So here's your options:

    If you live near me:
    You give me the money, I get you the tickets, when I have time, and then give you the tickets. Usually I need about a week lead time because I need to get to the ticket location (not in my office) during their hours.

    If you live out of state:
    You can mail me money or PayPal me money. Then I will get the tickets and can mail them back to you. If basic mail is too slow you'll need to include the shipping price in money you send me too. This is a few week process so make sure you plan accordingly. 

    Sorry if this is bratty but I've lost money and had to work late due to last minute requests and such so these are my rules now.

    Oh and if anyone wants to fly me to Disney world and put me up in a hotel room... then you my friends (up to 3) get tickets for free. :)

    Friday, October 8, 2010

    I'm this bored at work

    1. Who is your hero? Why?
    I don't really have one... I know it's weird, but I never met someone I want to be like completely... more everyone I respect has aspects or traits I would like to emulate.
    2. When you were a little tike, what did you want to be when you grew up?
    In first grade I walked in to "career" day dressed as a lawyer... I dabbled with the idea of movie star too, but lawyer was there since the beginning and stayed until life and God took me down a different path.
    3. What is one goal you currently have?
    ONE? Just one? okay the goal I'm closest to achieving is my goal to pay off my credit card... I'm one paycheck away from it! YAY!
    4. What life achievement are you most proud of?
    I have no idea... I think it might have been moving to Washington D.C. without knowing a soul there and being truly independent.
    5. If you could do anything with your spare time, what would you do?
    Right now I'd sleep haha... but I think I would shop a lot and then work out a lot so I can do all my 5k, 10k, half marathon, whole marathon, and triatholon
    6. What is your best physical feature?
    I think it's my butt... then my skin. Yeah...
    7. What is the most important thing your parents ever taught you by example?
    Sacrifice and giving are more important than receiving.
    8. Why do you think the church is true?
    This is weird. I'm not good at expressing my testimony in written words. But to me it's logical. It makes sense.

    Okay now Kayla's questions:

    1) What is one food you hated as a child, but as an adult you now enjoy?
    Wheat bread

    2) Favorite memory growing up?
     Roller skating up and down the street in my popples skates
    3) Craziest thing you've ever done and/or seen happen?
    sky diving or streaking... 
    4) If you could choose any super power, what would it be?
    Fly. I hate LA traffic so much I wish I could fly and not have to deal with it. AND I could go visit my friends whenever I want!
    5) Favorite book, and why?
     A Tale of Two Cities... the range of emotions experienced is amazing and it's such a deep story. And it's based on historical events.
    6) Why did you choose the major/degree/career that you did?
    Major- because I love politics and governments
    Career- I loved interning at Disney World so I thought it would be fun to apply for corporate jobs.
    7) Who would win in a fight: a taco or a grilled cheese sandwich?
    Taco- it's Mexican and has serious street credit. Grilled cheese, although delicious,  
    8) Paper or plastic?
    I like paper...

    Now I tag: Brittany, Hayley, Brianna, Megan

    Thursday, October 7, 2010

    Gross and creepy- perfect for Fall

    So I'm not going to go into my diatribe about babies in general and the many reasons they make my skin crawl; because I have been mocked and scorned for my viewpoints, but here's something that is just too creepy to ignore. It's the picture right over there --> creepy!

    Okay not originally why I started this blog, but I googled babies in images and this was one of the top hits. TOP HITS, oh man oh man, it's so freaking creepy.

    Anyway, what brought me to this post and that horrible picture that will haunt me and most likely cause me to have dreams about giving birth (yuck) to tiny creepy quadruplets, was something else. I am blown away by people. I know this person and they are 30+ yrs old... and they married an 18 yr old. Already super creepy and borderline pedo... but whatever... I just found out they're pregnant... yeah. I don't know, I guess I could handle it better when she was just young and married. I don't know how she's not crying her eyes out being 18 yrs old (maybe 19 now...) and pregnant. I don't want to be 25 and pregnant (ummm I just said 25, but I'm pretty sure I'm 26, but honestly all I can think about are babies... not in a good way... so I have no idea how old I am) let alone 18! The only reason I want to ever be pregnant is so that I have a handy place to rest things like books, iPads and ice cream bowls.

    Between finding this out and finding out some guy I know went from completely single on Thursday night to MARRIED on Monday night I am blown away by people and how they can't be better planners. I can't decide to cut my hair for about 3 months, let alone decide who I want to spend the rest of eternity with! AH! So much craziness surrounds me.

    ... as a final note, I was re-reading this for mild editing (I don't really care too much about the grammar and whatnot because here I like to write exactly how I would speak) and I shuddered again at the creepy tiny babies... gross.

    Friday, October 1, 2010


    So I think most of you know that at work I jumped ship from a world I was born to be a part of, Pixie Hollow, to another project, that is a good fit, but not the "flitterific good time" that is me. It's called Disney Movies Online! It was a really smart decision, better hours, better team, less stress, better pay, better title etc. so I took the job. And it's been a blast. Well it's been through it's share of trails, but what site doesn't go through stuff like that when it is trying to launch? I'm use to stuff like this in the internet industry.

    There were job scares, times when I wondered if the new updates will go live, and lots and lots of stress and rushing to get it out the door within our time-line. But, it has finally gone live and everyone is breathing huge sighs of relief. The best thing is that our VP sent it to Bob Iger, the CEO of The Walt Disney Company- his reaction was positive!He's finally seeing the value in our site and is asking all the questions that we're trying to get answered so we can make our site the best experience possible. We are looking like we're going to be successful!

    I'm so glad I did something very un-like me. I took a chance, I took a risk and I'm excited to see what happens!