Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Super Insightful

Hey Mormon friends (and those friends who want to raise their daughters with a more rigid moral code),

You should read this.... " Why Standards Night is Substandard".  I agree with the author... I think that the young women of the Church are sometimes given the short end of a stick and aren't communicated to properly.

Some of my favorite excepts include:

"A question welled in my throat, one that my neighbor might balk at. I asked it anyway. "Would you say Amy has power in her life?"
She looked uneasy, and I didn't blame her. Power is not a commodity we associate with Mormon girls and women. To our ears the very concept of power sounds worldly and corrupt, unless we're talking about priesthood power, which we qualify as exclusively masculine. But I wasn't talking about priesthood power, and I wasn't talking about the steel-fisted power of a political dictator or corporate mogul, either.
I tried to explain. "What I mean is, does Amy sense that she's in control of her own life? That she has the right and the ability and the opportunity to get what she wants and what she needs?"

"The balance sheet continued to change for me and my girlfriends as we emerged from childhood into womanhood. Our increasingly voluptuous bodies were reliable tools of status and control. The power was heady, but confusing, because wielding it always left us feeling empty and weak. And it was treacherous, because its force attracted not only the male peers we were aiming for, but also troubled stepfathers and leering strangers. But by the time we realized the perils, we'd grown dependent on this means of power. Of course it didn't yield true power, because it didn't originate within ourselves: it originated within the perceptions of the boys and men we hoped to entice. Yet in our economy of success, sexual attraction was the only currency we thought we held. And counterfeit money was better than nothing."

It's a great article. And my personal experience is this:  I was awkward and a late bloomer in high school. NO guy liked me... I didn't have to worry about sexual purity, because no one wanted anything from me. I got attention in school by being smart, and that taught me a lesson about myself. Then I went to college and that changed and I learned all about the womanly wiles of power over men. Then I had to get into the tricky area of sexual purity... but because this power didn't come until a sense of self-esteem and maturity developed and I had a sense of self- driven power. That's what saved me from Amy's fate... I'm sure of it.

Some of this is what I always tried to teach my girls at EFY when I was a counselor. That you don't need a man to prove you're strong and powerful... that YOU are a strong powerful person because of who you are.
So insightful...

Seriously- Ladies, Moms, Dads, everyone... read it.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stress in an image

This is my life. It might look like it's better than it is... I mean I only have 77 things to go and I've done 111- that's so good.... but then if you take a closer look it's a bit more crazy. First 51 days.... that's so stinking close sounding it makes me crazy. Second, everything in the pink/peach color... that means they're overdue- they should be done already. And some of those things like pick up invitations and ceremony (as in ring ceremony) haven't been done and they need to be.Third, some of the to do's that are already checked off are things like "think about what you want your colors to be", "decide on your colors", think about... etc. Also, a lot didn't apply to a Mormon wedding so I just checked those right off too.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Math you need for real life

I was that kid that always asked when I would need to use the math I was learning in the real world. I detested the sample problems in the text book called "real life application" because in High School I knew I would never be going into Engineering nor would my job be to find the optimal viewing location of a theater screen. So I asked what I would need the math for.

After being a working professional for about 5 years I now know what math I need in my life and what was important for me to learn... please note that the math I HATED the most (negatives) is no where on this list.

  • Simple math- addition, subtraction, division, multiplication... if you can't do these basic functions it's just embarrassing. Learn how to do big numbers quickly, without your fingers and without a calculator. People will be impressed if you quickly tell them that 305+874 is 1179.
  • Quick Fraction to Percentage change- and visa versa. Your math teacher did you a favor if when you see .25 you know it is 25% or 1/4th. Be able to say a quarter when you see 25% and etc. That is key.
  • Ratios- I can't even say how many times I use a ratio. I am constantly writing 27/35=X/21 type equations all over my notes. So important
  • Finally the most important thing is Percentages. Know how to do percent changes, raw percents, how to look at 2 numbers and know how to find the percentage. Oh man. No one cares that purchases went from 782 to 934 they want to know that purchases increased by 19%. I seriously think they should spend a whole year on percentages in math.
  • Also- Excel. If you have an advanced knowledge of Excel you will go far.
Supposedly, when I buy a house and need to start decorating and whatnot I'll be happy that I learned all that geometry and stuff; I'm sure that's true... but it's not needed for my job. And I'm a firm believer that if I excel at my job I'll get lots of money and my interior designer will be the one that is concerned with the surface area of my dining room and the area of the living room.