Monday, December 22, 2008

The 5 year plan

So I've never been a big fan of New Years Resolutions because 1. it only gives me a year to complete it 2. everyone expects you to fail and 3. well I can never think of what I want to resolve. I would like to think I'm constantly growing and improving myself and that I don't need a new year to make a change in my life. So here's my list of things I hope to accomplish in the next 5 years, and because I have OCD I've breaking it into sections.

  • No more loans :)
  • Own property... or at least start owning property... which might negate #1 but that is more in reference to student loans and my car payment.
  • Contribute more that what I currently to my 401k... it's a pretty pathetic amount, but to contribute more I need to earn more!
I would like to take the following classes:
  • Spanish or become conversational in French since I've wasted so much time on that language already.
  • Cake decorating
  • Flower arranging
  • Pilates
  • Belly dancing
I would also like to be on the road to a masters... I think, that plan always is an on and off thing.
  • Better temple attendance
  • Read more gospel focused books
  • If I'm still teaching... less procrastination when it comes to that
  • Have a healthy functioning adult relationship with a male for longer than 6 weeks, the we shall try to break 3 months.
  • Less catty and mean thoughts about people in general
  • Lose some more weight... the healthy way
  • Be more presentable at work daily... just because I work with married and gay men doesn't mean that people should be surprised when I wear makeup
  • Start buying clothes (jeans) that fit my body better and don't need a belt to keep them up
  • Along that same idea stop buying clothes at stores that target the teen market... or I call "disposable".
  • Become more of a neat freak and keep my living arrangements cleaner- I enjoy cleaning once I start... I need to start more!
I think that's it for now... but then again who knows... that's the beauty of the list it's ever- expanding!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Explaining the 2 below

I posted them on my facebook and thought I should keep my blogging in one spot. SO I added them together :)

Why I support Obama

So as many of you know, I like to think I march to the beat of my own drum politically. If anyone looked at my ballot yesterday they would have most likely scratched their heads. There were “conservative” votes, “liberal” vote and votes for my Dad, who in my opinion is ALWAYS the obvious choice if you want something done right. I personally like to consider myself a Libertarian, and loved the idea of Bob Barr becoming President, but I know that just wasn’t in the cards. Anyway I wanted to share why I support President Elect Barrack Obama. Now I don’t completely agree with him and his views, I would say that he represents me only about 50% of the time but there are a few things that tell me he is the right man for the job right now. I think everyone can agree that the last 4-8 years (depending on how dramatic you would like to be) were not the best in America’s grand history, I wouldn’t say they were the worst, I don’t think we can begin to understand the strife and struggles in the country during the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the Great Depression etc., but they were pretty bad times. The Economy is crap, our allies have turned their back on us, the dollar is crap compared to the euro and everyone seemed pretty down about where the economy is heading. I think we all can agree that we needed a change. Something new, something that doesn't resemble what we currently have.Here's what has impressed me about Obama. He did what most thought impossible, he got people caring and got them out there and got them to the polls. That is a feat! He got the most "apathetic" generation to the polls en masse. He got the mandate that many have said has been missing for the past 8 years.Another thing is that he is a family man. I can't exactly say why I love that, because I'm not completely sure, all i know is I can tell he loves his family and that touches a little warm spot in my heart.What also got me is that he was able pull in people from both sides and convinced them that he was what America needs, you gotta respect that. Either way, I don't care who you vote for, it's happened; Barrack Obama has won the Presidency, if you don't like it, that's fine you're allowed your own opinion. But here's what I challenge you... if you're not happy, do something about it in 4 (well 3) years. Give your all to the next candidate; donate to their cause, donate your time, encourage others to get out there as well and campaign your heart out, just like Obama’s supporters did for him, maybe then you might be happy with the next election, but as for me I feel the hopefulness and excitement in the air and I’m quite interested to see how the next few years will play out.

To those concerned about Prop 8

As I'm sure most of you know I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which is also commonly referred to as the Mormon church; and for those of you that don‘t know this, there ya go. There has been a lot to do about the Yes decision on Prop 8 and blaming my religion on it. To start with I would like to say that I am not going to mention how I voted, that was my own personal decision but I will state the facts. My church leaders did encourage us to vote Yes on Prop 8, that cannot be denied. I also have a significant number of friends and co-workers who I love and admire that are homosexual. This was a very concerning issue for me, and for many of my fellow members of my church. This was not a black and white issue (as in bigotry vs. love). I know many people who struggled with what to mark on their ballot on Election Day. I know members of my church who live in the state of California that voted yes on the proposition and I know members of my church who voted no. Unlike some rumors out there, voting No on Prop 8 was not grounds for removal from my church nor were we forced to vote yes. One of my religion's primary teachings is that we all have the right to make decisions for ourselves, that we are free to choose what to do. Yes, our Church has encouraged us to make certain decisions because we believe it will lead to us living a better life, but in the end the decision is ours. That being said, yes members of my church did donate money to the Yes on Prop 8 campaign. But did my Church, did officially money from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints donate money to the campaign? No it did not. According the citations on Wikipedia (which yes I know can be incorrect, but I check citations and it's all from reputable sources), here is a breakdown of monetary support for Prop 8.Donors who support Prop. 8Some of the larger or better-known donors supporting Prop 8 are: Knights of Columbus, $1,400,000.Howard Ahmanson, $1,150,000. John Templeton, $900,000. National Organization for Marriage, $785,750.Elsa Prince, $650,000. Fieldstead & Company, $600,000. American Family Association, $500,000 Focus on the Family, $411,000. Doug Manchester, $125,000.Donations from individual Mormons account for about $6.4 million of the approximately $18 million raised through September 24. In the 72-hour period ending Friday, October 24, Proposition 8 supporters raised $661,000 in donations exceeding $1,000. Campaign manager Frank Schubert announced on October 25 that an undisclosed "Yes on 8" supporter had agreed to match any contributions made by others up to $1,000,000.Another thing people need to realize is that 52% of the state voted Yes on 8. I've tried to find exact data on how many residents of California are associated with my church, but I cannot. I have heard that 2-4% of CA residents are LDS, and from what I've seen in my everyday life, that sounds like a pretty realistic number. So even if every single Mormon in California was old enough to vote (they're not) and voted Yes on Prop 8 (they didn't) and to be fair we went with the 4% that still means that 48% of Californians voted Yes on Prop 8 without being a member of my church.Now I can give you a list a mile long of reasons why people felt strongly to vote Yes on 8, but I won't. Because I'm not trying to convince anyone of any stance they should take on this issue, but what I will say is that there is no reason to threaten my life, threaten my religion, threaten my religious institutions, damn me to Hell or place all the blame/credit on my religion and the people that are also members of my Church for why Prop 8 passed, because in the end it was the majority of ALL residents of California that decided that Prop 8 should pass.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Hundred Things I Hate

My friend Scotty started a group with the idea that "You may think it is impossible to hate so many things. But most people can put together a list of 100 things they hate in under an hour."

I've decided to take the challenge and come up with 100 things I hate.

1. People going slow in the far left lane.
2. Commericals
3. When people make sick smelling food in my office.
4. When there is no toilet paper left.
6. People who don't break till the last minute
7. People who start breaking way too early
8. When people break for no good reason
9. Random stuff in driving lanes
10. When there is nothing to wear
11. Bills
12. Having to enter my time each week
13. Most of Utah
14. People in California who don't know how to drive in any sort of weather
15. Throwing up
16. Once a week every month
17. People who recline their chair on airplanes and then don't sleep
18. Facebook ads
19. Stupid Facebook groups
20. Dirty kitchens
21. Boys who text on dates
22. Boys who say "Let's still be friends"
23. People who think it's fun to push on your bruises
24. Needing oil changes
25. Any car maintenance
26. When your on a double date and the two guys break into a different language
27. Being cold
28. Cold feet
29. Smug married folk
30. People thinking I'm pathetic because I'm single
31. Cat scratches
32. Movies and TV with totally unrealistic love stories
33. Boys that are interested in me when I'm not interested in them
34. Right handed desks
35. Spiral notebooks
36. Dealing with my call center
37. Yelling at people
38. "Buckaroo"
39. Boys who don't get when you're not interested
40. When people touch my radio
41. "Stylish" people who just look silly
42. Crowded malls
43. Crowds in general
44. Sunburns
45. Old people trying to seem hip
46. Old ladies that have plastic surgery
47. That heels look super cute but hurt my feet
48. When the water doesn't get warm quick enough
49. The street I live on
50. How much my rent is
51. How small my apartment is
52. Stupid dirty jokes
53. KTLA news
54. Emo kids
55. People from upper middle class places that think they're poor
56. Spoiled rich kids
57. People with a sense of entitlement that is undeserved
58. Mushrooms
59. Stuffing
60. People who try to have cyber sex
61. People with too healthy self-esteems
62. X-box
63. Boys who would rather play video games than socialize with girls
64. Man-dates
65. People who are always on their phones
66. Avril Lavigne music
67. Creepy bus people
68. Motorcycles... not because of the bike but because they get to drive through traffic
69. Traffic
70. When i step on my surge protector
71. Itchy fabric
72. Not being able to sleep when I need to
73. Not getting enough sleep
74. Having to wake up to an alarm
75. "look at my family... aren't we perfect" blogs
76. How expensive hair products are
77. That I'm allergic to Jasmine
78. Shredded wheat without the frosting
79. How crappy Facebook chat is
80. That SNL isn't funny anymore
81. Never feeling full
82. The lack of food in my house
83. Fires
84. Smoke from fires
85. Having to shower daily
86. That you can't put songs from iTunes onto other MP3 players
87. Ulcers
88. Girls with potty mouths
89. Sneezing
90. People coughing up stuff
91. Most plastic dishes
92. Losing my bobby pins
93. When my hair-ties break
94. When I spill my Bare Essential makeup on myself
95. When sweatshirts wear out
96. When showers get cold
97. Having to shave frequently
98. TMJ
99. Having nothing to do all day
100. How broken down my apartment is

Well it took over an hour but here it is!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Hello World, I'm in love!

The SAD thing about my proclamation is that it is with a non-existent movie character. You see, that's the problem with the world and the media today; they create these perfect specimens and ideal situations that you can't help falling in love with their idea of love and how romance should be. (Please forget that I may or may not be working for the company that might be to blame for this... my department is actually the anti- romantic movie department in my opinion.) The reason we get to blame the media, again, is because they are the reason so many people out there just can't find love. Here's what some of my favorite romantic comedies have taught me:

Pride and Prejudice- depending on which of the Bennett sisters you most relate to, the person you love will realize how stupid he was to leave you and come back on bended knee; you think a guy is horrid and another is great only to find out it is visa a versa (this has, of course, played out in many female lives. Sadly the end never works out right); marry out of desperation; or run off with a guy and force him into marrying you.

Bridget Jones Diary- rich, attractive, successful men like awkward, chubby, unsuccessful women.

I Could Never be your Woman- cute young guys don't care how old you are and how crazy you might be, they'll like you anyway. And not only will they like you, they'll constantly fight for you to be with them and do sweet, fun, adorable things all the time to win you over.

She's the Man- Even when you lie to a guy he'll take you back and not only will he take you back, he'll seek you out to take you back.

The Holiday- Really do I need to? Men cry and want desperately to make it work, even if you live oceans away. OH and they are sweet and nice and giddy about you. OR they take you fun places, do anything to make you laugh, and help pull you together when you're falling apart. Not to mention ditch their hottie ex to make it to a special event for you.

The list goes on and on. The question is do these men really exist? If so where do they live and how do I get them my numbe? I submit that they do not. I think what happens here is that somewhere there is a room of women sitting around and dreaming up these perfect men and putting them in these movies. I haven't seen any guy that comes close to perfection like these guys do in these movies. For example, in the movie tonight when they're apart he silly strings a heart on her door, why because earlier they had a silly string moment. I have dated a lot and I can say I have never had anything that thoughtful and cute happen for me. The most sweeping romantic gesture I've ever experienced was when a guy I was dating wanted to dance to the end credit of a movie we were watching on my couch... cute? Yes. Original and thoughtful? Not really.

So my theory is this, these men are why it's so hard to date. You see this and you wonder... are there really guys like that out there for me? Will the music ever get louder and the boy start moving slower? Or am I forever going to be stuck in the land of awkward hugs and feeling lucky when he remembers it's my birthday?