Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Utter Happiness

I'm 5'10.5 ... I feel like that needs to be said right from the start. So, now that is in print for everyone to digest the story is ready to begin. Today I'm wearing my favorite shoes at work today. They are are sight to behold in my opinion. They make me happy. They are beautiful, brown, designer and are pretty much perfect. I still remember taking the tissue off the buckles on the shoes and the feeling I had... I assume it's similar to the feeling a parent has when they see their child take their first steps...

So I'm walking down one of the many pathways that snake around my office I had a realization that might sound crazy and one I've had before but it never seems to cease to amaze me- the realization? I'm tall. And not just tall for a girl, I'm tall for a human being. A quick google search tells me that the average woman in the United States is only 5'3! And the average male height is 5'9. Here's the thing though... i always forget that I'm tall. It's always a surprise to me when I tower over someone and find out that not everyone is tall. Without fail whenever someone runs into me their first look to to my shoes and I see them make a face when they see the heels. I want to yell when this happens! Why is that because I was born tall that some assume I am not allowed to wear shoes? Why is it that because if my height I am suppose to limit myself to flats like these?
I mean they're cute and all, but blah.

Here's the thing... I LOVE shoes. Shoes are my thing. I like looking presentable and for me this means shoes. Here's my list of why shoes are great:
  • Your shoe size doesn't change if you ate too much cake over the weekend
  • They make your butt look fab
  • They make your legs look leaner
  • For me they are a confidence booster
  • They make a statement
  • There is an endless variety of shoes in the world.
As a former chubby girl... these things are all so important! I enjoy clothes, I enjoy getting dressed and picking out my clothes I enjoy jewelry but I love deciding which shoes to wear. I love having great shoes. Shoes are what I deliberate over when I get ready.

To further explain my shoe love to you I will tell you this... 1. I still have and wear clothes I had in high school and I am not at all concerned about it, but I think I would NEVER wear a pair of shoes that I bought in high school still. Heck I don't think my shoes get more than 2 good years out of them. 2. I had a friend come over and clean out my closet. I was fine with her saying " you never wear this- get rid of it" and then she mentioned how next time we should do my shoes and I thought to myself "...and she's never welcome back."

So really all I'm saying here is the next time you see a strikingly beautiful tall girl running around in heels that elevate her to the height of professional basketball players- don't judge her...