Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hi my name is Michelle and I'm a food addict.

After literally throwing crasins in my mouth rapid fire I'm finally able to admit that I have a problem. I am addicted to food- it is my vice.

I have a friend who is an actual member of FAA (Food Addicts Anonymous) and she has kindly shared with me their rules. Starting Monday I will be living them. Wish me luck, pray for me and give me pep talks because their rules are NO SUGAR NO CARBS. My friend has lost a good amount of weight on this and I plan on being just like her. She said the first week was rough but that it got better. I know it's going to be HELL for me, but I needs to lose weight. Not just for the wedding but for my happiness and sanity. I've gained weight and I see it in pictures and mirrors and how my clothes fit and I need something to help. I am thinking I will blog each day so you all can keep me on track and yell at me if I cave.

Meal Plan:
Breakfast 6am-8am

8 plain fat free yogurt
1 oz oatmeal
6 oz fruit

Lunch 12 and 2
4 protein
6 cooked/ raw veggies
6 fruit

Dinner 5 and 7
4 protein
8 oz salad 2 oz have to be greens
6 oz veggies
2 tbsp fat

No less than 4 hours no more than 5 between meals

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hasta la vista la clase de Espanol

So I was taking a Spanish class. It was a challenge for me. I've never been very good at foreign languages, but I thought it would be a valuable life skills. It stressed me out... I didn't have time to devote to studying, the teacher taught it as a refresher course instead of a beginning Spanish class and it was Monday and Wednesday nights which means I left work a bit early and then would spend the rest of my night in class.

So as of like 4pm yesterday I had: full time work (away from town 11+ hours a day with commuting), Spanish class, shaky job security, wedding planning, RS activities calling (which might not sound like much but I'm trying to get my committee to help me do more things...), and the possibility that I would need to find a new job and an apartment to live in in a foreign city. Needless to say I was a bit stressed out. I was getting stomachaches (it's called ulcers) and migraines like once a week. That didn't help with the stress level.

Also, did you know that when you're stressed your body produces more Cortisol. In small stress situations it's not a big deal... but when it's extended it can lead to a crappy immune system AND belly fat. See this if you don't believe me. So added to that I was getting fat. In my belly too so I was feeling super gross and fat and didn't have time to work out so there was more stress there.

So basically I was a time bomb ready to explode. And I didn't know what I could do to change it... until I said to myself, "Really? Do you really need Spanish in your life?" I never thought about that. I didn't. So I went online and dropped it. I have had zero regrets. And I can breath a little easier. It's been great for me :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

I guess I should post about this....

I've been a bad blogger... but that's because my free time has been engaged in other activities... Yeah that's right, did you see what I did there? I know you all know already, but I'm engaged!! Yay I'm so excited about it. I'm really so lucky. I never understood how two people met, liked each other, fell in love, wanted to get married and then got married. It was all confusing to me. I never thought the odds were stacked in my favor that it would happen for me. 

I wish I could tell my single readers some magical formula so that they too would solve that problem, but all I can say is that it just was easier with Chad. Everything just came easier with him then the rest of my relationships would... does that make sense?

Anyway, I'm now working on planning a wedding that will be on.... August 5th, 2011; sealing at 11:30am at the Los Angeles Temple with a dessert reception to follow at TBA in the evening... ahhh let the planning begin.

Oh and since you all are my good friends... here's my almost done wedding website for you to look at and let me know what I need to edit!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rambling thoughts of a sick person

I get sick... A LOT. I use to just power through it at work and be okay... now I opt to stay home... I think that says something about my job satisfaction, but there you go. Anyway, when I am sick I have a lot of random thoughts to share so here they are:

Running: I signed up to do another 5k. This is a scary thing for me because I'm a sprinter. Run .25 miles in 1:25.. no problem, run 3.2 miles in general? Scary. Did I mention I have environmental asthma? SO if we run by a car I will lose like 75% of my lung capacity? blah. Anyway I was going to run every day this week so I could do the 3.2 miles, but I got sick. Awesome. But the nice thing is I'll have a friend running with me! And we get metals. That should keep me running :) 

My Job: When the only thing that keeps me wanting to stay at my job is a plastic rectangle that gets me into Disneyland for free I think it's time I start thinking about a new job eh? I mean it's nice and fun, but at the end of the day I dis-like a lot of the people I work with... that takes a toll on my spirit and in turn my satisfaction on the job. That could be why I don't tough through the sick anymore...

That being said I'm very excited for my next 2 trips to Disneyland. the 17th with Chad and his sister and her husband and the 26th with Chad, Brittany and Brad. 

Groupon: Well if you don't know what that is then you need to do yourself a favor and sign up.... or don't actually. I'm a groupon fiend. I have SO many sitting in my email waiting to be used. I had to email Chad all of what we have so that we use them, here's the list:

$20 to  Nothing Bundt Cakes- expires 28 Apr 11 (I'm thinking this can be used post 5k)
Bikram Yoga- 10 classes expires 17 Aug 11 (We're gonna start using once I'm not sick)
2 tickets to a Flamenco Show and 4 course dinner on a Thursday expires 28 aug 11 (needs to be used before classes at MPCC end)
$60 of jewelry from here (I just wanted more grown up jewelry)
Ventura Comedy Club- we have either 8 tickets for a Wed, Thurs or Sunday show or 2 tickets for a Fri/Sat show- expires 13 Dec 11
2  tickets to a movie that offers Fandago buy online ticketing. Can’t find expiration date :(

and maybe one or two more... I have a problem...

Podcast: I listened to this podcast the other day and I LOVED it. It starts out talking about what it's like to work at The Onion, which to me seems like the coolest job I can never hope to obtain. Then a girl reading tarot cards on a train... just a cool story in general. THEN they talk to some missionaries from my church that are serving in NYC... it was nice hearing them painted in a favorable light on a pretty liberal show. And the final story was about people who cry on airplanes. It made me laugh and then realize that I do cry on airplanes over silly things more than I do on land. I just feel sad on airplanes because I'm always leaving something when I get on them. It's like something or a chapter of my life just ended as I step aboard. That's emotional. So when a movie as silly as Sweet Home Alabama makes some random guy cry I realize it's just the emotions of everything spilling out when they're in that seat. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lazy blogger

So I keep starting to write blogs and then I don't finish them. I've been lazy now that my 50 days are over. So what's been on my mind? Lots- here's what I want to share.

I've been told that good managers think 6 months out. They think and plan that far out... so right now I should be thinking in terms of September. Here's the problem... There is a 60% chance that I won't be at this job in 6 months so I feel aimless and floundering and I hate that.

I am not a patient person, but I'm being forced to be a patient person for the next few months and it's killing me and making me flounder. ugh

But, I can't wait for my future to happen :)