Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Chad and I have a LA bucket list since we're leaving this area soon. So this past weekend we wanted to cross a bunch of stuff off the list, so we did the following:

Ran into the ocean at sunset

I had pictures to share but for some reason they will not orient the right way and I'm too annoyed to fix it.

It was such a great weekend and I wish I could have a 3 day weekend every week. I'm much more productive in my personal life.

Now off to the woods for the Hansen (Chad's mom) family reunion... 4 days of awkward family time... yay!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I don't think any of you did this...

but if you did... sorry if this offends... I don't mean to offend, more just ask for tolerance...

Dear Mormon friends,

As a highly mocked and persecuted religion do you really think it is wise to mock the people who thought the rapture was this past weekend? You have a lot in common. Devotion to your beliefs, persecution for your beliefs, a general belief in a Savior, namely Jesus Christ and some beliefs that others outside the religion think are very silly, but you hold firm to.

That's all I'm saying.... let's put a check on the mockery and be a bit better than the people that mock what you believe.

I say this in love,


also this isn't for the random, rapture is coming funny joke people...  I'm seeing some serious mocking out there... that's not right.

Monday, May 23, 2011

an ode to PostSecret

I, like most I'm sure, check out the PostSecret blog every week. This postcard to the left was posted this week. It's one of the most interesting post secrets I've read. I have the fun QR Reader app so I scanned those codes to see what it linked to. This one links to a text message that says, "You are beautiful". I really liked that. I was sitting here feeling fat and bloated and then I saw that, scanned it and smiled. I am beautiful. I am also lucky, blessed, happy, loved etc.  This was a nice reminder.

Then I went to go to the URL so I could link the image here... the page name was heartbreaking. It said that on the back of the post card it read, "I don't believe this anymore".

It made me think of a talk a friend of mine gave at an EFY I worked at. She talked about self-worth and self-esteem. A lot of people think it goes hand in hand, that they are, in fact, one in the same. This is not the case and I think that's where the world fails itself, especially it's women. Since we were at EFY to illustrate the point she used the following example: let's say you're at the dance and you're looking pretty cute. A slow song starts to play then a boy walks up, looks at you, and walks away. At this moment- you're crushed. You're self-esteem takes a nose dive, it's shattered. It's up to you to reasure yourself that you're still pretty and great. It's a tall order.

Now self-worth it's different. It's when that boys walks away you still know that you are of great worth because you're a daughter of God who loves his children and only wants exceptional things for them. It's knowing that it doesn't matter that the boy walked away because you don't need him. You don't have to reassure yourself at this point because when you just think you're a daughter of God, the spirit floods your soul and tells you it's true. You're not going at it alone.

The campaigns, articles and ads about what the world is doing to it's women with it's "ideal beauty" is all based on self-esteem. We need to build our lives around understanding and relying on our self worth more.

I might not always have the best self-esteem (see the thought process that led to this) but I do have a solid understand of my self-worth, that's why I'm confident, even if I don't always think I'm pretty.

Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm THAT girl... ugh

So in November, before Chad and I ever talked about getting married (but I might have been thinking about it) a friend of his approached him and asked if he would be the Waterfront Director at a Boy Scout Camp this summer. So he said yes thinking it was his last summer to do something like this. So now he's off in the wood of Utah this week for training. Which I am hating. Why? Because he's off in the woods without cell phone service for the entire week and so I have become that girl that is bummed and cried, yes cried, at the airport this morning. So lame.

Chad keeps trying to tell me this is just practice for when he's at the camp and will be gone for a month without cell phone service. I don't even want to think about that. It makes me so depressed... the only nice thing is it's the month before the wedding so I can just throw my all into the final prep for that and pack and stuff...

In order to stay busy this week I've set up a bunch of appointments and dinners and I'm going to start weeding out my closet and stuff in general so I can move across country. Yay busy.... also I'm thinking I'm gonna go to the gym more and sleep more- that will be nice...

Monday, May 2, 2011

big changes and realizations

So Chad got into Columbia... and only Columbia so come end of August we will both be living in New York (hopefully the city and not a suburb...) I'm excited/nervous/scared/happy/proud/stressed/in awe/ every other emotion you could possibly feel.

But today it all finally felt so real. I don't know why it was today... I don't know why it didn't happen when trying on dresses or tasting cake or any of the wedding planning. What made it real was talking to Chad's sister and saying "we". WE are moving to New York, WE are apartment hunting, WE aren't going to be around for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving etc. WE are going to be in a huge city with a million people, but it's going to be just us 2 as we start building OUR life together.

WOW. I'm excited.