Monday, March 30, 2009

Restaurant grades

So the other day I was driving down Ventura Blvd. and I passed a restaurant that I went on a date to which a guy I met at a church dance. When I first passed it I thought, "oh I remember that place... it was the B restaurant with the B date I went on".

See the thing is, in LA county all restaurants are given a grade that they hang up in their windows for all the world to see. What it comes down to is the grade the restaurant is given explains how clean the facilities are. An A means it's met code requirements at least 90% of the time it's been inspected. You can get an A, B, or C and still be open for business. If you're still curious about it here's a link to the sweet doc.

Anyway, while I was driving past this restaurant I noticed it had (somewhat) recently been upgraded from a B to an A and it made me start to contemplate the date some more and what happened. It was a nice enough date, he was polite and we had a nice chat about all the mundane stuff you discuss on first dates. What made me think about it more was the fact that I never did go out with him again.

See my problem is that I'm a bit like the Health Department here, I go I take a small look and I make a judgement, it's only later that I realize that maybe I should re-evaluate and look a little deeper and most of the time I realize that perhaps I marked them a bit low. That just like this restaurant I probably should have visited a few more times and taken a closer look, because now when I look back on all the "B" dates I went on... they really weren't that bad.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The most amazing thing I've ever seen!

So today I was on my usual commute down the 101 this morning and the most amazing thing happened. For those of you unfamilar with the 101 let me tell you what my normal commute is like...

Each morning I merge onto the freeway and then fight my way out of the far right lane while trying to get up to highway speed and not get hit. About 2 miles into it I then have to immediately slam on my brakes and finish the rest of my 13.5 miles going between 5-20 miles per hour. You're pretty much stuck in the lane you slammed your breaks in and everyone is vicious about their place in "line".

So today I'm sitting there and I'm just minding my own business and I hear some sirens. I then determine (thanks to my memorable jr. year physics class) that it's coming from behind me. I then glance in my rear-view mirror and see all the cars behind me moving out of the far left lane. But it doesn't even stop there not only did everyone move out of the fast lane for the police car but everyone in the next lane was actually nice enough to let everyone over without any grief!

It restored my faith in people in LA... at least for a while.