Friday, July 23, 2010

What's wrong with me

To start out I'm going to say that the subject of this post is NOT a question.

So, once upon a time there was a beautiful blonde girl who enjoyed eating whatever she wanted. She was happy and she loved eating out. In fact, one memorable girls night when most ordered salads and chicken, she ordered ribs and life was good. Then something odd started happening this past October. This beautiful girl started getting really sick. She wasn't concerned at first, but then after a while she thought, "wow I'm really not getting better, maybe I should see a doctor." Her regular doctor ran a bunch of tests but really couldn't think of anything. She decided that maybe it was time for a specialist.

After an extensive search for a highly qualified gastroenterologist she started seeing what he had to say about it. After many more tests, a cancer scare, and a host of medicines she talked to her friend about it. Turns out her friend had a similar problem and her friend suggested that she try out the diet that she was on to see if she'd feel better.

After a day or two our beautiful blonde wasn't feeling as sick and so she spoke to her doctor about it. He told her that it must be EPI that was causing all this. Which means her pancreas doesn't produce enough of the enzyme her system needs to digest animal proteins. Her body was turning it into fat until recently (which explains why our beautiful blonde was always a little chubby even when she was dieting and exercising) and now it's just rejecting it from her system. So she now has pills that help her with digestion when she just can't stand not being able to eat meat, fish, cheese, milk or a plethora of other dairy products, but mostly now her life has gone from ribs to a almost vegan life style. But don't feel too bad for her, she's managing and she keeps on smiling. And it's given her a great conversation starter at parties, office dinners and, well, she probably always needed a few more salads in her life. Let's just hope it doesn't get worse- she could lose production of all her enzymes... not cool!

Good news too is that when she skips eating mushy peas at dinner she doesn't get the " you need more vegetables in your diet" lecture anymore!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

On the road again Goin' places that I've never been

So this past week I've been living out of a suitcase. Blah. I recently talked about how I'm unlucky, but can laugh at myself- this has manifest itself in my travels last week.

Here's a run down of my trip:

Monday: Car service- almost got sick... yeah I've been nauseous before, but I've never prayed to not throw up in a car like I did.
My flight- was late so I ran to my gate as the stairs were rolling away from the plane... the nice ticket agent made them let me on though!
My Rental- small airport I had a journey just to find the car, then upon exiting they put the "airport exit right" AFTER the right I'm suppose to take... once I realize my error and turned around I realized I was in a restricted section of the airport. That was a bit too easy if you ask me.
Food- in general food was my enemy in Wisconsin. We went to this nice restaurant I could eat NOTHING but the side salad. Yay! I opted for the will only make me a little sick cheese tortellini.

Tuesday: Zero sleep- that sums up Tuesday... that and Pizza for dinner.

Wednesday: No sleep again... yay for trying to adjust to the time change. Oh and it's raining... no wait pouring- which is the only weather condition I can't stand. Tornado warning for the state too... yeah ever since I saw Twister/had to drive through one I don't like tornadoes either... but I'd take that over rain. I also gave up on trying to find food I could eat and feasted on buffalo chicken fingers and potato skins... yum! I did manage to get a lot of sleep that night too- yay!

Thursday: upon waking immediately regretted my chicken fingers decision. BUT I was leaving! Yay! Had Thai food for lunch that I could eat, left work early... shaping out to be a good day right? BAM! Sat at the gate on the plane for an hour (there goes dinner) because Delta didn't realize earlier that a minor with bad paperwork was on the plane. (Note to self: write that letter to Delta) Realize I have about 30 minutes from landing till my next plane takes off. so really that means like 10 minutes to get between gates. Lucky for me my seatmate was super nice and helped me out by sending me down the airport to the skywalk, but to illustrate the ground I have to cover here's a map.

My plane landed at C8 (which was closer to D then B) then I had to
get to G14. I sprinted to the overpass between B and C then ran across 8 moving walkways to get to my gate right as they were loading my section. Yay! I wanted to die.

So then I get home and re-pack, hop into Chad's car around midnight and drive to Provo (for a 3 hour stop then up to Idaho). Which really wasn't bad, just long and somewhat warm.

The rest of the week consisted of a lot of Chad time and not a lot of sleep. Oh and more food I can't eat... sometimes my life/ illness really bugs me... traveling would be the catalyst of making me hate it. I hate that I can't just eat and I have to wonder if what I'm about to eat will make me sick and how sick. The thing that highlights this best is the salad I got. We went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner one night. Usually I can find something to enjoy there, but everything was meat and cheese FILLED so all I could order was the "Green Salad". That was the total description I got... and here's a picture of it... yeah that's pickles, mushroom and pickeled carrots on a few pieces of lettuce. (P.S. have I complained enough about my new dietary restrictions? If not, stay tuned, I plan on making it my next post).

Anyway... the best part of the trip was when we were 20 miles away from St. George and it was 109 degrees outside and traffic stopped for like 2 hours because of an accident. I feel like I can't complain because I had great company and I wasn't in the accident... but have you sat in a car for 2 hours in 109 degree weather? It's not something I want to repeat... but it did make the Sonic drinks after taste like manna from heaven.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Creature of Habit

I realized something today. I'm a creature of habit. I like sitting in the same seat everyday, using the same bathroom stall every time I go and I like working M-F 9-6. I'm such a creature of habit I actually think I'm being spontaneous and adventurous when I take a different route to my cube in the morning- I found out recently that no one else gets that thrill or sense of adventure.

To further illustrate my case I'll share with you a story about my Law and Politics class. About halfway through the semester I entered the class along the back wall (like I always do) and as normal I'm walking very jolly like; swinging my arms, bounce in my step, humming a little tune just like I always do. And then as I'm staring at my destination, my seat that I've sat in since day 1, I realize some STRANGE man is in it. I don't know what to do... I slow down and completely freeze. I think I would have stood back there the entire class if my friend hadn't seen it all go down and rush to get me into a chair for the day. I was so baffled! I've sat in that seat for half a semester and not only did I contribute daily to the class (usually some crazy "liberal" idea to enlighten all those Utah folks) I was one of about 5 girls in a class of 150. Surely he had to have known this was MY seat. I wasn't okay for the entire class period.

So anyway, my realization, (you thought it was that I was a creature of habit didn't you?) was that there is one area where I break from my habitual bonds and explore! That would be when it comes to what I eat. I CAN'T stand the idea of having a "usual" at a restaurant or even going to the same restaurant too often. Don't even get me started on repeating cuisine types too frequently (here's 2 sample conversations):

Co-Worker: Want to go get Italian for lunch?
Me: No I had spaghetti last night for dinner
Co-Worker: and....

Mom: I made you a veggie burger for dinner
Me: Were you aware that we ate burgers (mine being veggie) last night when you weren't home?
Mom: No, why does that matter?
Me: But I just ate a veggie burger
Mom: make your own dinner then brat
Me: *hangs head* A veggie burger is fine

I think that's why I like traveling. I have to step out of my comfort zone (habit and normalcy) which is exciting AND there is a whole new world of restaurants and foods to eat that I haven't eaten before!

Friday, July 2, 2010

It's getting kinda nervous in here

Do you speak Michellese? It's a very weird language full of words with different meanings, large words that are quite verbose and that people don't expect to be part of it, and general modification of word tenses. Who says it can't get nervous somewhere?

Anyway, that's not what I wanted to write about... I wanted to talk about the fact that I am a nervous person, that it is, in fact, getting a bit nervous in here.

It's not that I'm nervous like one of those jumpy people that are constantly twitching I'm just at a point in my life where I'm nervous about a lot of things.

For instance, my life. Let me explain... I am not a lucky person... and I'm really okay with that. I truly believe that God gives you one of two traits when it comes to luck either you're lucky or you're blessed with the ability to laugh at your unluckiness. I was thinking about going through my friends to list a few examples... but I think that might lead to more drama then I currently want in my life, so just know that there are 2 camps... and you're in one or the other.

So anyway, I have come to terms with this unluckiness... I think that happened in 6th grade when I was roller skating, like all good 6th graders do, and my skate manages to find the one little lip in the wood floor. The next thing I know an old man in spandex shorts (sooo not okay) is rubbing my head. When that happens to you at a young age you realize that you're not destined to have an easy life.

Anyway I'm happy with it, I laugh a lot and my friends get a nice chuckle out of my misadventures... which I really need to start posting here more. So I've come to terms right? Well here's the problem with it- right now I feel incredibly lucky so I'm nervous. Here's why I feel lucky, and in turn nervous.
  • I have more money than I can spend in a week currently- it's been a very long while since I could say that
  • I have a great job with a great title, with a great paycheck, with a great boss, with a great company
  • I currently have a very cute boy in my life that I get to kiss pretty much whenever I want (that's the end of the mushy I promise)
  • I love the ward I'm in and the calling I have in said ward
  • I have a great network of friends that are always there for me
  • I'm not currently injured or sick
  • I get a lot of Facebook comments, which we all know means that I'm cool!
  • I am invited to do more things than I have time for (other proof I'm cool)
  • I'm losing weight and it hasn't been this giant struggle
yeah that's a lot of good things so I'm a bit nervous. Life has never gone along swimmingly/without a hitch/ perfectly for me so I kinda feel like I'm standing here waiting to see what's going to crumble first.

I've found it's easy to be optimistic for others... but for my life I guess the cup is always half empty. I'm trying to not think that things will crumble now and being positive... but really spandex shorts seem to haunt me and tell me otherwise.