Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The past little while...

So I'm pretty sure no one reads this, which is why I never bother to update, but since I was browsing my friend's blogs tonight I decided to read mine and realized it was incredibly whinny so I should probably update.

I came to a sad realization the other night, and it was how much I love my dog. I mean I knew I loved him, but I have found it's very apparent to everyone else how much I love him too, it hit home when I had a friend say, "oh even though we've never met him we KNOW Batman!" It's a sad day to realize that you talk about your dog more than some people talk about their kids.

Anyway, so what's been new can be explained very quickly:

  • Even though I work at one of the biggest corporations in America I feel like I'm caught on an episode of Melrose Place
  • EFY!!!
  • I work 6am- 3pm Tues. through Sat. so my social life is pretty shot
  • Insane things keep happening to me- things such as my car being broken into and the only thing of "value" they got after smashing my window is a bunch of burned CDs, I almost had to sue the Hilton Corp. over a horrible prank call, dog seizures... that's right, dog seizures, DRAMA, lies, intrigue etc
Yeah basically my life revolves around work and trying to be social when I'm not too tired. I did decide to do 2 things with all my free time between the hours of 3 and 9:30/ 10 (when I go to bed) the first is to tutor high school students. Technically this hasn't started yet because I need my background check to clear, but should be starting VERY soon and the other is that I think I've decided to start writing a book. I don't know if I'll complete it or if it will end up as a very short story, but what the heck- crazy things happen to me and they need to be told to the world.