Thursday, February 21, 2013

Most proud

Here's the essay I had to write for a job I was offered but turned down for my current job. It made sense- it was less pay and worse hours (overnight shift and graveyard) but sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I took this one instead...

Anyway the question (in case you don't pick it up by the intro sentence) was what are you most proud of and why?

As I have contemplated what I'm most proud of, it was quite difficult to pinpoint one singular thing. I just could not decide. Then finally it dawned on me, I'm most proud of me!

I have done many things with my life that I'm proud of. I have moved across the country on a whim, based on a promising internship, knowing no one, something I had never done before. I have moved, but it was always with someone else. I always had a safety net to my adventures, but this time I didn't know a soul. During that internship I learned a lot about myself that I'm proud of. I learned how to be independent, that it's okay to go to dinner or the movies by myself. I learned how to be me.

Another thing I'm proud of about myself is that I graduated college. I was never a bad student, but in college I changed my mind constantly and my family all joked that if anyone in our large family dropped out to pursue another life path or a whirlwind marriage it would be me. Part of this accomplishment that I'm proud of is that I managed to graduate after spending only 3 years on campus and two internships.

A third thing that makes me proud of myself is that I have forged a very strong relationship with each of my 5 siblings. I am certain that if you asked any of them which sibling they are closest to, they would all say me. In a family full of type A, stubborn, smart, over-achieving people this is quite the feat. I believe family is important and that all great relationships need to be fostered, and that takes work. I try to make my family a priority and show them I value them in my life.

Another one of my most proud accomplishments was when, right out of college, I landed a job at Disney. It was a very competitive position and I got it! Along those lines, I am also very proud of the fact that in just 3 short years I was able to progress from the role of coordinator to the role of Manager. I was one of the youngest managers in my Business Unit and I had worked hard to prove myself to everyone at the company. Anyone that worked with me knew that I was smart, professional, passionate and was an expert in my field. I cultivated that reputation and I am still regarded as a great resource by many of my old co-workers and executives.

There are many other small things about myself that I'm proud of, that I'm an awesome party planner, I make a really good sugar cookie, I have friends that live all across the US and the world, I can strike up a conversation with almost anyone, and that I am an incredibly upbeat happy person. So as I said when it really comes down to it, what I'm most proud of is myself.

Friday, February 15, 2013


Do not read this unless you have read this.... he's one of my musings that was perhaps meant for an intro...

Everyone thinks that the worst thing in life is being picked last in gym class, but as a few of us can attest to it's not. The kids picked last- those are your Steve Jobs and Egdar Allen Poes of the world. They failed so significantly at gym (I assume) because they were destined for greatness. They were the first picks of the science and art worlds.They had promise.

No the worst is being picked about 6th from the last. You're the best of the worst. The two uber jocks the teacher picked to captain the teams finally make their way to the end of the picking and you're still up there looking around and thinking, "seriously you'd rather her? The girl whose asthma prohibits her from moving quicker than a slow walk?"

See being the best of the worst means you still care. I would stand there in the gym and think "I'm going to save the day in dodgeball today. "

Then your moment comes, that ball comes flying at you and you're ready to catch it- everyone is watching and you stretch your arms out and BAM the slow pitch dodgeball, that chocolate labs catch with ease nails you in the face.

That was always my problem- you see I dream of greatness, but I'm 6th from the last.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

I, along with probably everyone else, have always toyed with the idea of writing a book.

So at different points in my life I have written small parts and bits and pieces of what my book would be about. Would it be about my dating shenanigans? Would it just be the story of a random slightly above average person's life? How about all the crazy dreams I've had (BORING)?

Anyway, I thought maybe I would start sharing my excerpts on my blog because really, I don't have time to sit down and write an entire book, I just write snippets of thoughts while I'm on the subway in the notes app on my phone.

So enjoy, and if you are an awesome book publisher and want to pay me to quit my job and write a whole book then leave a comment. I get email notifications for comments and I check my email obsessively so you'll hear back from me in no time.