Monday, February 2, 2009

ya know... that song that was on...

I find it amazing that so many songs I LOVE I don't know the lyrics for. And it use to bug me so much, that I would say I love a song but then have no recollection of the lyrics. But then I realized that what makes those songs amazing is that I can't remember them. They are true art a that point because they transform you and they transport you to another place or another time.

That is how I find art I love... pieces I can just stare at for hours that for some reason stops me in my tracts and makes me think. A piece that just makes time stand still and speed all at the same time. Something that makes me pause and remember all the happy/ sad/ exciting/ troubling times of my life and reminisce for a while.

This is what some songs do to me as well. It's probably not the best thing that I'm behind the wheel when this occurs, but there are some songs that I hear the first few lines and then I don't hear anything because I'm lost in my own world. I love the feeling it brings to my soul, because at the end even if it's a sad thing the song makes me remember I still feel and everyday that I feel I know that I've lived; even if for just a little bit.