Thursday, May 2, 2013

The book installments continue!

So as I ride the train and read I start thinking about the stories I would put in my book so I started making a list. So to hold me accountable for writing them at some point I will now give you the list of topics I want to write on... 

 Dating in general

Worst date in HS
 Worst date in college
 Worst date ever 

Best date in HS
 Best date in college
 Best date ever 

 First memory 
Worst nightmare
 Best day 
Scariest thing 
The day I found out I was chubby 

High School
 Day I realized I should just embrace me and not worry
 My group of friends
 How to decide what college to attend

The beautiful butterfly
 learning to love myself 
My roommates 
working in Logan UT 
The internship politicking 
Lost love

Adult life
First job
Law school dreams and destroyed
Botched Interview
My first little while at Disney
Turns out it wasn't forever
Bouncing back
Batman and Michelle, together forever
A full accounting of Chad and mine's relationship as it unfolded

Embracing my feminism
Bread winner
Newlywed life

That should keep me typing for a long while now... and just because I think Batman makes everyone's day better here's a picture of him!

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