Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sometimes I care too much....

Sometimes I really think I care too much. It's a burden. Let's be honest we all have a friend on Facebook who we roll our eyes at when they post something about their pet thing. Maybe we get angry they post something AGAIN, maybe we laugh because they're posting something else. Maybe we just roll our eyes and unfollow them. I worry I am that person in all my friend's feed. My pet subject? Feminism. 

I really wish I didn't care so much. I think life would be so much easier. Sometimes I get so jealous of my apathetic friends. The ones who just don't see the injustice or just don't care. 

Sometimes it spews out past the general feminism issues into what (I hate that it is called this) some call "humanist" issues. When I see people being marginalized; I care. When I see people deciding to vilify someone because of their beliefs; I care. When I see someone post almost ANYTHING from Mr. X's blog; oh boy I care. (But really because his entire blog is one big straw man fallacy and people think it's the gospel) (Also I'm not telling you who because I don't want him to get ANY traffic from me.)

I will however encourage you to visit the site this gem came from. Dinosaur Comics

After getting so upset (AGAIN) I wonder what it's like to not care. I'm sure Chad would appreciate it since most my yelling gets directed at him. The thing is, it's not that I don't want to care, I do, I just don't want to care so much that hours late I'm still stemming (and end up yelling). So this isn't a plea to help me care less. 

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by my caring that I force myself to care less. I force myself to give up. To think that it doesn't matter. I won't be able to make one person change. That it's pointless and I should just accept that life will never be fair. But why should I? Why shouldn't I fight the good fight to get us a little closer to the ideal? Why is it such a horrible thing to want people to be kinder, less judgmental, more welcoming and open? That's why I care about women's issues or LGBT issues. (are their more letters now? I feel like the other day I saw like 5 more on the end. That was new for me) 

Heck I even care about the mommy wars stuff. I mean hypothetically I will have children one day. I am CERTAIN people will judge my parenting style, which I assume will be an odd mixture of a Tiger Mom, Hippie Mom and Pinterest Mom. (Are those real mom "types"? Should their be types?) So my kids will end up passing out organic granola at their 5th piano lesson of the week while inviting their friends to their insanely decked out St. Patrick's Day party.  It's gonna be an awesome life for _______ McCombs and ___________ McCombs. But your kid might not like it. I don't judge you, don't judge me. 

(Note: I try not to judge)

So sorry to my 3 readers if all my posts make you react like I mentioned in the first paragraph, about 50 topics ago. 

I think I need to find a job that is great for people who have seriously high levels of empathy. Preferably ones that don't require more school. If you have a genius idea let me know!

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